Infographic - Home Filing System Papers to Keep

Are your papers piling up? This easy-to-use Should You Keep that Paper infographic provides a fresh perspective on paper retention guidelines. It help you quickly decide what papers to keep, what papers to toss, and where to store what you are keeping.

A Bit More on Important Records, Vital Documents and Paper Retention Guidelines

Important records provide support information for legal, insurance, financial, tax, ownership or health matters. You can find more information on how long you should keep these papers in How Long To Keep Important Papers. Some Blasphemous Advice.

The papers on the Vital Document Checklist are considered the most essential life papers. The Vital Document Checklist is one resource that will give you peace of mind as you plow through your piles.

A Bit More on Your Filing Centers

{AC} Action Center or Tickler File = Simplifies daily decision making and paper management buy keeping action papers in plain sight.

{EF} Everyday File = Keeps current year’s papers easily accessible for quick tax prep and reference. Papers in this file typically moved to the Important File after taxes.

{IF} Important File = Keeps rarely (if ever) accessed support records from being lost in piles of reference materials and everyday info. Mainly used for legal, insurance, financial, tax, ownership and health records.

{RF} Reference File(s) = Keeps reference materials collected and not cluttering counter-tops.

{VF} Vital File = Keeps vital documents safe, secure and in one location for quick access.

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