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If you and your papers aren't living in perfect harmony, it's time to put a twist on getting your papers organized. I'm all about creating a functional home filing system that works for you. It's time to explore your options and open yourself up to unique filing solutions.

Just Organize Your Stuff or JOYS is a collection of tools, techniques, philosophies, and exercises to help you discover your individual filing style. They're insights into creating paper and information management systems for your modern lifestyle. They're a blend of digital and manual filing concepts and solutions that should NEVER be taken literarily. They're meant to plant the seed of possibility and develop your confidence to take action.

There's no one right way to file papers. There's your way. So, if you have no idea where to start on your personal quest for paper peace, I suggest...

This site is an ever-changing labor of love with only one goal, to help you find paper peace. Please explore, learn and do. And by all means share the JOYS with others and share your JOYS with me.

The Filing System How To's section of the site is a growing collection of articles and infographics created to teach you how to build a solid home filing system foundation by...

Familiarizing. Getting to know what papers you need to keep and why you need to keep them. Helping you to creating your personal set of paper keeping and purging guidelines.

Categorizing. Learning how to and why it is important to be consistent and set standard terms. Learning how to effectively name or label your papers. Then, how to add color and graphics to make your new filing system unforgettable.

Stylizing.  Exploring a variety of filing techniques commonly practiced throughout the years. The pros and cons of different filing system techniques and how you could apply some of the organizng concepts to your home filing system.

Accessorizing. Discusses the multitude of filing tools available to assist you in your paper organizing needs... from file folders to binder clips to pretty much everything in between.

Containerizing. Creating different filing zones based on how you will use the information you are filing. Building a filing system that is easy to maintain.

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“Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time.” ~Goethe

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