Clothes pins to organize papers

Lilacmoon Studio displayed a cute way to put action papers in front of you using over-sized clothespins. It would work for an Action Center because it provides a simple visual reminder. For the simple reason, out of sight, out of mind is not a working solution for papers needing action.  How could you make clothespins work for your paper organizing needs? 

  • Use an adhesive magnet tape to display on metallic surfaces.
  • Hot glue a thumbtack and poke in a cork board.
  • Run clips through a wire and display on a wall.

Where to find supplies.

Suggested action labels.

  • Add to Calendar
  • Act
  • Complete
  • Copy
  • Call
  • Decide
  • Discuss
  • Do
  • Enter Data
  • Pay
  • Review
  • Respond
  • Send
  • Scan
  • Use
  • Wait

Suggested tickler labels

  • Days of the Week
  • Months of the Year

Visit my Pinterest board Organizing Paper : Get Centered for more action center ideas from the pinable public.

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