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  • "Daily it gets shuffled, stuffed, stuck or it just simply vanishes in a snap. Family JOYS® keeps track of the ever-growing collection of kid's stuff." It's a cinch to organize your child's important papers and keep information handy for years. These kids household notebook tools organize the important information related to childhood.

    • Easily manage information for school, activities and important financial and health needs.
    • Puts important information at the fingertips of babysitters.
    • Provides clarity on important papers to keep and for how long.
    • Be inspired with lots of organizational tips
    • Be prepared for quick actions and decision.
    • Customize using standard binder accessories. Add your own plastic sleeves for photos and childhood memories. Creating a simple childhood journal.
    • Or, use tabs as file dividers to organize kids papers in a filing system.
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    These kids household notebook tools include...

    • In Everyday - School Binder Tab and Worksheets to collect an education snapshot from elementary through high school.
    • In Wealth - Kids Wealth Tab to collect details of bank accounts, educational and investment accounts and saving bonds and stock certificates.
    • In Wellness - Medical Summary and Child Care Tab and Worksheets to note medical history and health care providers, allergies, immunizations, major illnesses and accidents. As well as activities related to faith and child care.
    • In Interests - Camp and Programs Tab and Worksheets to organize the information of all the fun childhood activities.

    What comes in this package (enough for 2 KIDS, btw.)

    This is a hardgood printed in the US on environmentally friendly paper. Delivered to your door by the USPS. Binder NOT included.

    • Cover for a standard 3-ring view binder
    • 5 reinforced Subject Binder Tabs (x2) (1/5 cut)
    • 8 Subject Worksheets (x2)
    • Over 3 years of development, research and a huge desire to organize the unpredictability of life.

    If you have question prior to ordering, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    What you might be thinking.

    I can create my own household notebook for free, why spend the money?

    Yes you could. But how efficient would it be to have a kids notebook organized the same way you organize all the your household stuff? The five categories + the overall important category is what makes JOYS unique and effective. Apply that to your kids papers and information and everyone in the family is on the same page. Having a solid system and an overall paper management plan, keeps household papers in check. The bonus, teaching your kids the valuable life long lesson of organization.

    There are so many household notebooks available, what makes yours better?

    Countless subjects can be added seamlessly. The system can be used for filing papers, collecting information for a household notebook or even organizing your emails. It keeps your stuff consistently categorized in different and distinct locations. JOYS is the first to use one system to create filing tools, such as file labels and a filing system, AND information-gathering tools, like binder tabs and checklists. One system to organize life for a lifetime. No matter what stage your in.

    Kids Life Organized. Peace of Mind.  Worth a try.

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