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Digital Workbook + Labels | 7.00

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cover tickler joys workbook

Quickly and easily file incoming paper with confidence.

The inside of Tickler JOYS

Learn 3 different ways to set up a tickler file and choose the one that will work best for you

The inside of Tickler JOYS

See how collection centers can help you with magazines, receipts, and other papers.

Make your home filing system more functional.

The inside of Tickler JOYS

Good simple info and pretty too. I know I could have created a tickler from scratch, but why? This was really easy and this information in the workbook was very helpful. Thanks!

stephanie via email

I love your products and the attitude you have taken (and present) toward papers in life.

I get easily overwhelmed (PTSD) and opening the mail can be a dread with papers getting left on the table, couch, floor because the decision factor is to scary and complicated!

I've purchased your tickler information and am finding that I can (for once in 5 years) see my name on an envelope or open the mail box and take the first step - to throw or keep. Once that is done I actually have somewhere to put the keepers! Usually this would be the end on a good day - but act or file keeps the choice simple and achievable. Thank you so much for your freeing advice and practical explanation.

tamsen via email

Tickler JOYS has got the topic of tickler filing fully covered.

  • Tickler File Overview
    • How to Set Up a Daily Tickler File / Filing for daily action reminders
    • How to Set Up a Weekly Tickler File / Filing for weekly action reminders
    • How to Set Up a Action Tickler File / Filing for tasks
  • Care and Feeding of a Tickler
  • Tips, Tools and Other Tidbits

It's a simple workbook to help you set up and use a tickler file like a pro.

  • Detailed instructions on how to set up a tickler file.
  • Clear insights how to make a tickler file work better for you.
  • Where to put your tickler file to ensure your success.

Get the instant digital download.

Start dealing with your paper today!

  • 14 Page Tickler File Workbook / tickler-joys.pdf
  • 90 Tickler File Labels / tickler-joys-labels.pdf
  • Printing and other details / tickler-joys-READ-ME.pdf

Please Know

  • This is a digital download product. No physical product will be mailed.
  • The final product is a .pdf—multiple files will be packaged into a .zip.
  • It is best to download this product to a desktop computer for unzipping.
  • Adobe® Reader is required to view and print this product properly.

The following additional accessories and tools may be needed. It’s best to review the workbook before making any purchases.

  • 1/3 file folder labels Avery® 8366 or compatible
  • 1/3 file folder or 1/3 hanging file
  • Filing Boxes
Tickler JOYS cover
Digital Workbook + Labels | 7.00

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